Global Studies A, Trimester 1 - This is 12-week freshman course. Students will take Global Studies B either during Trimester 2 or Trimester 3. In Global Studies, we emphasize the development of literacy skills as well as historical knowledge and understanding. Daily summaries of class lessons will be posted here along with links to various assignments, readings, and schedules.

FINAL EXAM: We'll have a final exam of @ 40 to 45 pts. on either Nov. 30 or Dec 1, depending on your class period. The review guide & notes packet that you may use on exam day is linked below:

Unit 4: World War I
We'll look at the countries involved, the causes, and the outcomes of WWI.
The Vocabulary List and Reading Schedule are linked below:

Mo, Nov. 28
•U.S. enters war and turns the tide for the Allies. Those who were absent, ask for notes from teacher tomorrow.

We, Nov. 23
•Guided note-taking sheets for the Russia in WWI video is linked below:

•Russia in WWI:
•Happy Thanksgiving!

Tu, Nov 22
•Pre-teach 'ANZACs'
•Guided note-taking sheets for the Gallipoli video and the Women in WWI video are linked here:

•Start with the Gallipoli campaign, looking at this 'Great War' video:
'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda':
•Women in WWI:

Mo., Nov. 21
•Return graded assignments
•We study the Battle of the Somme, first through a 14-min. video which is available online at: Those who were absent should print the following guided note-taking sheet & fill it in while they watch:
•Next, we watch the 'Dead Marshes' scene from the 'Lord of the Rings.' This episode was allegedly influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien's memories of the Battle of the Somme during WWI. It's at:

Fr, Nov. 18
Pds. 1 & 5 will go to the Career Center to complete the Freshman Project. Pd. 4 will finish the Shark Tank simulation in the classroom.

Th, Nov 17
Pds. 1 & 5 will finish the Shark Tank simulation in the classroom. Pd. 4 will go to the Career Center to complete the Freshman Project.

We, Nov. 16
Freshmen will spend the entire period meeting with the SEHS counselors, learning what the have to offer.

Tu, Nov. 15
Shark Tank simulation on the weapons of WWI. A panel of 'sharks' will judge presentations by various student groups on a variety of weapons that were new and devastating in their time.

Mo, Nov. 14
All Global Studies classes will spend the period in the Career Center starting on Freshmen Projects. Completion of these are required for graduation. Any student who is absent must make this up ASAP.

Th, Nov. 10
First, we Crash Course on WWI:
As they watch, students highlight vocab items form the Unit 4 list that John Green uses in the video.

Next, we do a lecture w/ note-taking on causes of WWI, followed by an A/B pair review game of some of the new terminology.

Students who miss this day will need to ask for copies of the lecture notes.

We, Nov. 9
I scrapped my lesson plan in favor of debriefing the election.

Tu, Nov. 8
•Critical Reading
We do a critical reading of two contrasting views on WWI. The assignment is linked here:
Next, we'll watch a Crash Course segment on WWI.

Mo, Nov. 7
•Read and discuss Vanessa Lopez's article 'Stigma of Low Income' in the latest issue of the SEHS news magazine, 'The Axe.'
•Start WWI Unit w/ examination of intro on pgs. 838-839.
•Those who were absent on Friday, please make up the quiz after school today or during IA time either Tu. morning or We. afternoon. Also, refer to the entry below for Nov. 3 regarding completion of the video & worksheet #7 that goes with it.

Unit 3: European Thought - Capitalism, Communism/Socialism, Imperialism, Nationalism, Militarism
Students have handouts from class that provide a list of vocab items to learn + a reading schedule.
Students will turn in a packet of assignments for this unit at or near the end of the unit for a grade. Here is the list of packet assignments, so far:
1) Adam Smith/Karl Marx analysis - 8 pts
2) Resources of Africa map - 10 pts.
3) Reflection on Berlin Conference/Scramble for Africa - 5 pts.
4) Vocab Crossword Puzzle - 8 pts.
5) Battle of Adwa response - 10 pts
6) Creating your own nation-state, just the score sheet for this - 10 pts.
7) C-note sheet w/ responses to 'Genocide in German SW Africa' - 10 pts.

Fr, Nov. 4: We finish the video on genocide in Namibia. Refer to the Nov. 3
entry for details.
Next, students organize their unit packets and take a 10-pt. quiz.

Th, Nov. 3: We watch a video called 'Namibia - Genocide & the Second Reich" about a genocide at the hands of Germany that occurred 35 years before the start of WWII and the extermination of millions of Jews, Roma, Poles, and homosexuals by the Nazis. It can be viewed at: We will pause regularly to write responses to prompts given in class at these points in the video:
•8:15 mark: Summarize what you've watched so far.
•16:00 mark: Write down 3 words that express how you feel about this story
so far.
•24:00: Write a question to General von Trotta about his role in the
destruction of the Hereros.
•28:15: Imagine that you're a Herero in a prison camp in 1905. Imagine that
you are able to tweet one message to the world about what's happening in
the camp. What would you tweet?
•40:45: You're a photographer creating a postcard of the modern
campground on Shark Island. Write a caption for the back of the card that
says whatever you think should be said about the history of Shark Island
•End of video: Answer these questions with complete answers written in complete sentences. Make sure you explain your answers:
Should modern Germany pay reparations for the sins of Germans in
Namibia over 100 years ago?
What should happen to lands in Namibia owned by descendants of
German imperialists of the early 20th Century?

We, Nov. 2: We continue with the theme of 'universe of obligation' with a reading titled 'Nationalism, Race, and Empire.' The reading is available online by Googling 'Facing History Holocaust and Human Behavior" Open the pdf document, then scroll down to 'Reading 12 - 'Nationalism, Race, and Empires.' This online version is a bit dis-jointed, but it's still comprehensible. Read it, adding notes on your Cornell sheet from Tues. about your interpretation of the 3 paragraphs + the poem by Rudyard Kipling.

Tu, Nov. 1: Students take C-notes on nationalism. We do readings from the text pgs. 695-697, focusing on learning the terms nationalism & realpolitik. Then we read 'Social History' on pg. 689, followed by a musical interlude during which we listen to nationalistic music by Wagner & Dvorak. We close by introducing the concept of the 'universe of obligation' and will pick it up there tomorrow.

Mo, Oct. 31: Finish the nation-state project.

Fr, Oct. 28: Creating Your Own Nation-State - Students will use the criteria found on pg. 688 to create their own nation-state.
Religions interactive map -

Th, Oct. 27: We'll finish the SHEG lesson on the Battle of Adwa. When finished, we'll preview an exercise for tomorrow by reading pg. 688.

We., Oct. 26: We will do a Stanford History Education Group lesson on the Battle of Adwa. The Essential Question for today is: How did Ethiopia defeat Italy at the Battle of Adwa? When finished, students will write a response to this question. This will be the next assignment of the packet for unit 3, and it is worth 10 pts. File it in your binder when done.

Those who are absent will have to come in for a make up on this one. The website is password protected. Check with the teacher immediately upon return.

Tu, Oct. 25: We'll spend the first 15 mins. finishing the crossword puzzles. Then students will trade puzzles and try to solve the one they traded for.
The rest of the period will be reserved for reading and taking notes.

Mo, Oct. 24: Students will work on mastering the vocabulary from this unit by creating crossword puzzles of those terms. Graph paper and directions will be provided in class.